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What we do...

• We Intervene

• We Care

• We Give

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The Kenzie Foundation

Our Vision

The Kenzie Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and improving the lives of the rural & urban child as well as ensure that women have access to basic women’s health needs.

Our Mission

The Kenzie Foundation is a non-profit organisation that brings people together for the purpose of providing education, health and food intervention, creating greater social involvement & enabling sensible corporate social investment to make a difference in the lives of children, women and communities throughout Africa.

The work we have done

Rural School Sanitation Project
Super links of grocery donated to Hurricane Idahi Inyanga
Handing Over 10 000 Reading Books for Schools Library Project to The Former President Hon. Robert Mugabe
Handing over Chaplin School Swimming Pool to The Minister of State Hon. Owen Ncube
Visit to The Presidents Office with Gift of the Givers to Hand Over 5 Super links of Grocery
Handing over of 5 x Mobile fully equipped Computer Centres to Kutama Mission (10 Computers in each Mobile Unit)

The Kenzie Foundation that works closely with Gift Of The Givers and has donated close to twenty, 30 tones trucks  of a combination of food and medical goods to Zimbabwe during the drought seasons and also catered for the centenary of Kutama Mission School, donating together with Gift Of The Givers medical and medication to Kutama. General Hospital and he feeds over one thousand families weekly in Soweto South Africa through a church feeding programme and the Give A Child a pair of School Shoes campaign an Give a girl Child a Sanitary Towel.

Collin Peter Mackenzie (AKA) Son of Kenzie Commitment to bringing the Miss SA event to the discerning viewers of SABC was a highlight that has not been matched, adding to that of the 2010 world Cup role out plan and Marketing strategy and leading the 2010 FIFA World Cup project management team.

Currently Collin is an Executive Director Marketing Tshwane & Gau TV he is a shareholder under a holding company called Zallywood.

Owner of AMG and The Media Box respectively. Founder of JIT TV & The Founder of the Kenzie Foundation.

Founding Member

Collin Peter Mackenzie, AKA ” Son of Kenzie” a true legend is his own right is the first President of The old Chaplin students association and his credibility and leadership was seen in his and the Kenzie Foundation restoration of the School pool, commissioned by the then Minister of State in the Midlands province as part of the 90 days New Dispensation projects that seen Collin also upgrade all the roads, drainage and restore the gardens within the school. A man who many look up too a community builder who has also gone beyond the call of duty to help Zimbabweans in need across the country with yearly food, medication, infrustructure development, sporting kits and a whole host of other goods and services.

Collin is an enthusiastic patriotic Zimbabwean always striving to protect the image of the his beloved motherland and that of his President when duty calls.

His vast knowledge in broadcasting Collin sits on the advisory committee on policy and regulatory affairs for the minister of Communications in South Africa and Chairs the ICASA rules of engagement DTT migration frame work, in his not so spare time Collin is involved Wits university in the new media department educating and informing the future broadcasters programme.

Without looking far Collin’s home of Gweru see him as their son amazing individual who is seen as a role model, today Collin is raising one million pairs of shoes is his Africa give a Child a Shoe program, he is always seeking ways to better Zimbabwe.

JIT-TV Channel & The Kenzie Foundation CSI & Benefits

The Kenzie Foundation is a charitable foundation with a structure through which the donors can conduct their giving or corporate social investment (CSI) activities to help ensure focused and sustained giving. The Kenzie Foundation is a non profit company (NPC), and involves the donation of capital to the foundation (either at the start or over time) and the investment of this capital or endowment. Proper investment of capital produces income to cover part or all of the distributions to beneficiaries or programme costs. This allows The Kenzie Foundation, to become financially sustainable and able to give independently and into the future.

The Kenzie Foundation

Our Immediate Needs are:

Floods In Midlands Province

Floods in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. Families displaced as areas such as Nashville, Mambo, Mtapa , Riverside have being most affected. Clothing, food, blankets are required.

Online Learning Assistance

Due to the Second wave of Covid-19 in the Southern part of Africa, opening of schools have being pushed back to end of February 2021, mostly affecting graduating and matriculating students. Laptops are in need to assist small study groups to continue studying ahead with online lessons with teachers.

Covid-19 Consumables

COVID Consumables are most need to assist the local hospital staff and local clinics that are currently overwhelmed with COVID cases. Their safety to continue performing their jobs is put at risk daily.

Sustainable | Future | Legacy

Sustainable giving

With proper funded and investment, our foundation can ensure that the donor’s giving is financially sustainable and not reliant on the availability of excess personal income. Income earned within the foundation can be distributed to beneficiaries long after any initial donations have been made to the foundation. Not only does this allow the donor to plan their giving but it also allows for longer term commitments to beneficiaries, which is immensely beneficial to them and their programmes.

Involvement of the next generation

By including the donor’s children as trustees, or in the everyday activities of the foundation, an opportunity is created to keep their family connected and involved. This can also help to ensure that the donor’s vision is understood during their lifetime, which will assist with its continued achievement after their death.

Leaving a legacy

Many people would like to leave a legacy after their death by using funds made during their lifetime, to continue to make a difference long after they have passed away. Setting up a foundation either while still alive or in terms of the donor’s will can enable them to do this.

To Donate to The Kenzie Foundation

Contact person:

Mr. Collin Mackenzie: +27 76 472 2892
Addlyne Mackenzie: +27 67 028 2735
The Kenzie Foundation
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