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The Q Cash Page: Series: Why Are Most Men Getting Attracted To Light-Skinned Women?

When they start bleaching, is it that these women feel inferior or is it the pressure of having that Instagram look?

This is my second week in these corridors of The Sunday Express after my debut two weeks ago, and I must say, I am loving the opportunity to turn my words into text every week for the readers, followers and those who are watching the unfolding giant that is Jit Television.

We are on a mission to change the face of digital entertainment television and you shall hear, see and read all about here first. Nguva Yasvika.

From the time that I introduced my column, I have been inundated by messages our listeners on Africa5FM who wanted to know what I think about the yellow bones of Zimbabwe, and why men are attracted to them.

This topic trends – then goes away – then trends again and this time it looks like it is on the trend, and even more sensitive.

It normally causes outrage amongst women who argue that there is nothing so special about so-called light-skinned ladies that normally draw most men’s attention by virtue of their appearance and lighter skin colour.

It is fair to say all women are made individually and dark women are equally as beautiful as light-skinned women. But let’s look at these facts and try to understand the logic behind these findings.

Statistics compiled by the world health organisation in 2011 showed that 40% of African women bleach their skin. You didn’t know that there is such research did you?

In some countries the figure is as high: a staggering 77% of women in Nigeria 59% in Togo 35% in South Africa 27% in Senegal and 25% in Mali use skin lightening products.

Can we blame slavery or colonisation of the continent of Africa for bringing low esteem amongst some and note not all dark-skinned women who risk all sorts of dangers IE skin cancer when they bleach?

Do these women feel inferior or is it the pressure of having that Instagram look?

It is true to say that in most African societies having a light skin woman is a sign of wealth as they are normally high maintenance and considered desirable.

They are often referred to as yellow bones.

A good example of how light skin women are treated differently would be in the hip-hop music videos where nearly all the sexy dancing girls are light skin. Those in the business of shooting videos to showcase a high life will tell you if being honest that it is a rule to look for sexy light straight head women.

If looking lighter did not enhance women’s appearance then why is the figure of those bleaching to look light so high in Africa despite the risk?

In Zimbabwe we have a community known as the colored community a vibrant people who normally mind their own business but don’t you start a problem with one because you will soon find out the hard way that you can get a hiding exe!!

The one thing that stands out is the natural beauty in the mixed ladies who are blessed with beautiful hair and more or less fair skin but you will never find them bragging about it.

It is those fake yellow bones that portray themselves as slay queens or gold diggers that are out there putting pressure on other naive women or girls.

It is that pressure of either fitting in, or feeling that being light-skinned is more socially attractive and they then go ahead and bleach their skin with band or illegal creams. Or even chemicals.

This not only causes a skin cancer likeliness but simply makes darker girls feel inferior.

We are now living in a society that cares more about social media and Instagram appearance and that does not care about a fellow human sad as it is it is the new reality next week we look at how social media is affecting young girls don’t miss.

Cheers for this week.

So stay tuned, I will be on The Sunday Express News more often, and on Jit Television, and also there is a roll out that is taking place at Hogerty Hill Soap Opera and on Q-Cash the One which is on radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Touch Tomorrow.

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