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A New Japanese Coach, And A New Team Doctor Sets Baseball Zimbabwe On A New Game Path

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Zimbabwe is currently ranked 3rd in Africa and 55 in the world. The aim is to be number one on the continent

A month after the Digital Sunday Express reported the plea for help from Baseball Zimbabwe for corporates to assist the team to reach its goals – a Japanese coach and a team doctor were secured this week, in a move that will greatly boost the growth of baseball in Zimbabwe.

The Jit Sports television department announced this week that the Japanese coach will arrive in Zimbabwe at or about the 15th of July, and will start work immediately.

While details of his stay will be finalised, his food, accommodation and transport had been taken care of.

His coaching duties will be in the seven districts of Harare which include Chitungwiza, High Glen, Mufakose/Kambuzuma, Warren Park / Malbereign, the Northern Central region, Mbare/ Hatfield, and Tafara / Epworth.

The coach was seconded to Zimbabwe for two years and throughout that period, he is tasked with taking the team to number one sport in Africa.

Zimbabwe is currently ranked 3rd in Africa and 55 in the world, but currently, the teams does not have for the development of the game, as baseball Zimbabwe used to have long back in the days when the Japanese were the only nation that was helping.

At the same time it was revealed this week that a doctor had been secured through the Jit Sports television department. Addlyne Mackenzie told Digital Sunday Express this week that the doctor would be available at games and training.

“Two weeks ago a player fractured his ankle during training and had no means of getting any help. Since then we got into action and spoke to a few people and Dr Jay offered his services free. He is also going to send two members of the team for first aid training, so it is a massive boost for the team to have their medical side covered for now,” she said.

Jit Sports Television will also be donating a full sports grade first-aid box to the Baseball Zimbabwe team.

Earlier in March Jit Sports Television led the call for corporate Zimbabwe to support the team and encourage them to continue shining the bright light on their career and passion for this unique kind of game.

Harare Metropolitan Baseball Association is registered with the Sports Recreation Commission, and the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee under the Ministry of Youth Sports Arts and Culture.

It originated after the split of Zimbabwe baseball and softball to form separate associations which are now Zimbabwe Baseball Association – and Zimbabwe Softball Association in 2011.

Harare Metropolitan Baseball Association had to start from scratch as everything was given to the softball side including equipment and human resources.

Harare Province incorporates seven districts and covers more than 800 schools – both primary and secondary.

Zimbabwe Baseball has three major tournaments on the calendar which are in April SA IPT hosted by South Africa our national team takes part.

They have the August IPT, hosted in our Country it normally rotates in our provinces it’s Played by 6 Teams.

We at Jit-TV and our Sports Development Department are looking for corporates to join us adopt Baseball Zimbabwe. To support this team with anything from transport to caps and uniforms, bottled water etc.

Contact: Jit Television Sports: (27 67 028 2735)

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